University of Warsaw

Faculty of Management, Department for Innovation and Logistics

Andrzej Jasiński


Professor Andrzej H. Jasinski, PhD, HD, is an industrial economist by education. Now he is Dean’s Proxy for Business Engagement and Head of Unit for Innovation and Logistics, School of Management, University of Warsaw, Poland. He has been Visiting Fellow to Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, Visiting Professor to Palumbo School of Business Administration, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA and an international expert (NATO, CIPRE, CREST, OECD). He is a member of: The Triple Helix Association (THA), The European Association of the Study on Science and Technology (EASST), The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) and The Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Network. He was an editor and co-author of Innovation in Transition: The Case of Poland (2002), Transition economies in the European Research and Innovation Area: New challenges for their science and technology (2004) and Innovation in the Polish Economy: Selected Economic and Managerial Issues (2010). Also, he is an author of several articles in ‘Science and Public Policy’.

Fields of interests

Management of innovation and technology transfer
University-business cooperation
Public innovation policy
Marketing of innovation

Proposition of common research in GETM3

Forms and effects of university-business cooperation with a special reference to roles of graduates/alumn

Important Publications

  • Foreign publications only (2008-2018):
  • Integrating science and technology in Eastern Europe with Western Europe: Dissimilarities, challenges and recommendations, “VEST”, No 3-4, Vol. 19, December, 2006 (appeared in 2008)
  • Infrastructure of scientific and technological knowledge flows in society: Polish experiences, 1989-2004, “Indian Journal of Science Communication”,No 2/2007 (appeared in 2008)
  • Communication between academic science and society: The role of public relations, [in] Integration of Science and Education as a Key factor for Building up the Knowledge-based Society, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, 2008
  • Barriers for technology transfer: The case of a country in transition,” Journal of Technology Management in China”, No 2, 2009
  • Does innovation performance depend on economic growth?: The case of Poland, “Economia: Teoria y Practica”, No 35/2011
  • R&D and patents: An attempt of application of the Griliches’s model in a transitional economy, “The Asian Journal of Technology Management”, No 2, 2012 (co-authorship)
  • Innovation policy instruments: Do they work in Poland?, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSITIONS AND INNOVATION SYSTEMS, Vol 3, No 3, 2013
  • Transformation of R&D results into innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises: A multi-faceted approach to management and partnership, “International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems”, No 2/2014,
  • Barriers for eco-innovations: A case-study of a small firm in Poland, “Foundations of Management” , No 1, 2013 (co-authorship)
  • Can we still speak about the innovation process per se?, “International Journal of Technology Management” (forthcoming)