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Angela McGrane


Angela teaches business statistics and research methods at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral level in Newcastle Business School. She has previously held posts in Operational Research and Business Planning for British Gas, and has also spent time as a self-employed consultant specialising in data research and analysis. Most recently, before taking up her current position at Northumbria University, she worked at the Higher Education Academy in Institutional Strategy.

Her research interests are based around the use of Personal Construct Theory as a framework for organisational research with individuals. She is currently using this in her PhD work to carry out a longitudinal study investigating the effect of Work Integrated Learning on student perceptions of themselves in a work role.

Fields of interests

Personal Construct Theory (PCT) and its application in Business and Management research.

Student experience, particularly experience in and influence of Work Integrated Learning.

Proposition of common research in GETM3

I am interested in using my PhD research methods (principally self-characterisation sketches and other PCT methods) to explore differing perceptions of work and the workplace between millenials and their colleagues/managers.

Important Publications

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