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Hyemi Shin


Hyemi Shin is a lecturer in strategic management and responsible business at Newcastle Business School. For the last seven years, she has built her career as a strategic management researcher and lecturer in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. Under the supervision of Professors Marie-Laure Djelic and Charles Cho, she completed her PhD in Management at ESSEC Business School in France on January 22, 2016. Her dissertation (“Multi-Level Dynamics in the Emergence and Evolution of the CSR Field: From Transnational CSR Governance to CSR Professionals in South Korea”) focuses on the emergence and evolution of CSR on a global and local level from an institutional and multi-level perspective. Using a qualitative case study approach, she explored the CSR field in South Korea from the global and “macro” social dynamics of transnational governance to the more “micro” dynamics self-presentation strategy and “face games” played by CSR professionals. In doing so, my dissertation sketches a more ambitious project of theorizing the long-term and multilevel dynamics underlying CSR institutionalization. Her research focuses on the understanding of the business and society interface beyond the management field by using various perspectives from the political science, the sociological and the accounting literature as well as various management theories. She has multi-culture nature.

Fields of interests

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR); transnational governance; emergence and change of fields and institutions; business and society relations
  • Non-market strategy; organizational theory; international business
  • Multi-level analysis; discourse analysis; media analysis; historical analysis

Proposition of common research in GETM3

She is originally from South Korea, but spent one year as an exchange student in University of California, Irvine, in the US during her undergraduate, seven years as a master and doctorate student/ associate lecturer at ESSEC Business School in France prior to her career at Northumbria University in the UK. Hence, such multicultural experiences are one of her major assets and can contribute to building a bridge among researchers between EU and Korean partners.

Important Publications

  • Shin, H. and Zicari, A., (2018). Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover! Comparative study of the adaptation and evolution of CSR reporting by telecommunication companies in Brazil and South Korea, finally accepted in November 2016 and forthcoming in 2018 at Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management

Selected peer-reviewed conferences and workshops:

  • Aug. 2017 29th International Congress on Social and Environmental Accounting Research (29th CSEAR UK), St Andrews, Scotland
  • Aug. 2017 4th Emerging Scholar Colloquium at University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland
  • Jul. 2017 EGOS Colloquium, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Sep. 2016 Organization Studies Special Issue Paper Development Workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Aug. 2016 Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Anaheim, USA
  • Jul. 2016 EGOS Colloquium. Naples, Italy
  • Aug. 2015 Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Vancouver, Canada
  • Jul. 2015 EGOS Colloquium. Athens, Greece
  • Jun. 2015 Centre for Social & Environmental Accounting Research France Conference. ESSEC Business School, Cergy-Pontoise, France
  • Apr. 2015 PhD Workshop Business & Society. London, England
  • Hosted by Cass Business School and sponsored by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies
  • Sep. 2014 Helsinki Paper Development Workshop. Helsinki, Finland

Hosted by Aalto University and sponsored by EGOS and the OMT

  • Aug. 2014 OMT Doctoral Consortium at the AOM Annual Meeting in 2014. Philadelphia, USA
  • Jul. 2014 EGOS Colloquium. Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Jul. 2014 EGOS Paper Development Workshop. Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Mar. 2014 Chamonix PhD Seminar. Chamonix, France

Hosted by EM Lyon

  • Jul. 2013 EGOS Colloquium. Montreal, Canada