Chonnam National University

College of Business Administration

Joon Koh


Joon Koh is a professor in the College of Business Administration, Chonnam National University, South Korea. He has an M.B.A. from the KAIST College of Business and a Ph.D. from the KAIST College of Business.

Fields of interests

Proposition of common research in GETM3

GETM Curriculum Development

Important Publications

  • K. Park and J. Koh, “Exploring the Relationship between Perceived Pace of Technology Change and Adoption Resistance to Convergence Products,” Computers in Human Behavior, 69(1), 2017, pp. 142-150.(corresponding author)
  • S.J. Shin and J. Koh, “Analysis of Mobile Broadband Service Penetration in South Korea,” Journal of Computer Information Systems, 57(1), 2017, pp. 31-38.(corresponding author)
  • J.P. Shim, J. Koh, S. Fister, and H. Seo, “Phonetic Analytics Technology and Big Data: Real-world Cases,” Communications of the ACM, 59(2), 2016, pp. 84-90.
  • H.W. Kim, S. Gupta, and J. Koh, “Investigating the Intention to Purchase Digital Items in Social Networking Communities: A Customer Value Perspective,” Information & Management, 48, 2011, pp. 228-234.