University of Warsaw

Faculty of Management; Chair of Entrepreneurship and Management Systems

Julita Majczyk


Julita Majczyk is Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw. She holds a PhD in Economic Sciences from the University of Warsaw (Poland). She received a Master’s Degree in International Economics from the Jagiellonian University (Poland), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics & Enterprise from the University of the West of Scotland Business School (UK). She delivered lectures at the University of Pisa in Italy and at Shanghai University in China. She gained her experience working for global companies Procter & Gamble and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Co-organizer of international conferences and the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) member.

Fields of interests

leadership, business communication, entrepreneurial behaviours, styles of governance, and team motivation

Proposition of common research in GETM3

Employee competencies, student’s perception of employee roles

Important Publications

  • Majczyk, J. (2017). Image consumption of people perceived as leaders. Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research, 37, s. 49-67, doi:10.2991/ictim-17.2017.28.
  • Brzozowska, A., Majczyk, J. (2015). Shared leadership among Vietnamese entrepreneurs in Poland. W: Stankiewicz, K. (red.), Contemporary Issues and Challenges in Human Resources Management (s. 87–95). Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Politechniki Gdańskiej.