University of Warsaw

Faculty of Management, Department of Theory of Organization and Management

Marcin Żemigała


Marcin Żemigała has a PhD with habilitation (dr hab.) in economic sciences in the field of management sciences. He obtained the PhD degree in 2006 and habilitation in 2014. He is the author / co-author of 7 books and over 40 academic articles and chapters in books. He lectured in many European countries, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain and Portugal. He is an expert in the Polish Committee for Standardization, the National Science Center and the National Center for Research and Development. He made over 80 expert opinions for business sector.

Fields of interests

Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Management, Quality Management

Proposition of common research in GETM3

  • Students’, future employees’ values (financial, material, developmental, spiritual, social, environmental and other)
  • Their attitude to future jobs (readiness for engagement, dedication to work, the approach to working time and responsibilities)
  • Future life (non work) plans (families, style of life, stabilization).
  • Work – life balance issues (time based conflict and energy based conflict).
  • Attitudes to such phenomena like extreme work, job burnout syndrome, workaholism, workplace discrimination.
  • Vision of success (at work and life, level of optimism, success factors, success measures)

Important Publications

  • Żemigała, Review of Model Approaches of Corporate Social Responsibility, [w:] M. Blaskova, R. Blasko, Human Potential Development, Institute For Public Administration, University of Zilina, Prague – Zilina 2017, s. 156 – 165.
  • Żemigała, Controversies over Corporate Social Responsibility, „Human Resources Management and Ergonomics” 2012, nr 1, s. 118 – 128.
  • Żemigała, Bibliomertic Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility – Different Countries’ Perspective, „Human Resources Management and Ergonomics” 2015, nr 1, s. 123 – 138.
  • Żemigała, Environmental Management Systems – European Perspective, “Regional Formation and Development Studies” 2015, nr 3, s. 169 – 180.
  • M. Żemigała, Application of Social Responsibility standards in Poland and the World, “Economics and Law” 2017, nr 2, s. 229 – 240.