Management team

MSc Occ Psych; PhD ongoing

Northumbria University

Faculty of Business & Law / Corporate and Executive Development Department

Peter Pease


Graduated from Durham with a degree in psychology in 1987. Spent 25 years creating and running people services businesses until 2011 when took MSc Occupational Psychology at Northumbria. Currently working part time at Northumbria as Entrepreneur in Residence; Part-time Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship Psychology, Newcastle Business School; Research Impact / Knowledge Exchange Lead – Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3 Project.

Currently reading for a professional doctorate exploring the psychological resource needs of nascent and early stage entrepreneurs based on a global sample of 3,000 early stage founders.

Since starting work at Newcastle Business School, Peter has been involved in the development of an applied masters in entrepreneurship, where ambitious founders combine creating a new business with an MSc. Peter is also working with undergraduates on the Entrepreneurial Business Management programme. This is an exciting programme in which undergraduates work throughout their course in self-managed teams and learning groups, creating numerous new businesses. All of their coursework is related to the businesses which they are creating.

Business history

Created first business after leaving university at 22

  • Multiple Businesses created and sold
  • Pre-IPO valuation of largest company of £28-32m in 2007
  • Responsible for the education more than 30,000 learners
  • Worked with circa 4,000 business clients
  • Involved with Business and Management Education
  • Extensive Recruitment and HR experience
  • Significant amounts of debt and investment finance raised, and advised upon
  • Hundreds of talented professionals recruited and retained at various times.
  • Excellent startup and large firm financial and tax experience

Fields of interests

Startup entrepreneurship. Startup entrepreneurship psychology. Business Growth. Evidence Based Management. Knowledge Exchange / Research Impact / Research Practice Divide

Proposition of common research in GETM3

Important Publications

  • Pearce, Alison, Zupan, Nada, Dziewanowska, Katarzyna, Lillis, Deirdre, Bailey, Mark, Stalker, Brenda, Myers, Jan, Raskovic, Matevz, Spencer, Nick, Szappanyos, Melinda, Aftab, Mersha and Pease, Peter (2016) Provocation Statement: International Entrepreneurial Talent Management. In: ISBE 2016, 28 October 2016, Paris, France. Item not available from this repository.
  • Pease, Peter and Cunningham, James (2016) Preparing Nascent And Early Stage Entrepreneurs For Their Entrepreneurial Journey: What Psychological Resources Do They Need And How Can They Be Acquired? In: ISBE 2016, 28 October 2016, Paris, France.
  • Pease, Peter and Cunningham, James (2016) Entrepreneurial Psychological Capital: A Different Way of Understanding Entrepreneurial Capacity. In: British Academy of Management Conference: Thriving in Turbulent Times (BAM 2016), 4th – 8th September 2016, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
  • Pease, Peter, Myers, Jan and Stalker Brenda The entrepreneurial researcher – developing a framework for cross-cultural competence In: ISBE 2017, November 2017, Belfast, UK.
  • Pease, Peter, Cunningham, Jame and Cook, Clare Measuring Entrepreneurial Psychological Capital: Some Core Constructs In: ISBE 2017, November 2017, Belfast, UK.