Szu-Hsin Wu


Degree/info: PhD Candidate in Marketing
University Dublin City University
Faculty and department DCU Business School, Marketing Group
About Ms. Szu-Hsin Wu is a PhD candidate in Marketing, who currently receives full PhD scholarship from DCU Business School, Dublin City University. Her PhD study looks at the implementation of service design for emotional customer experience (ECX) in order to facilitate value co-creation (VCC) in the hotel industry. During her PhD study, she has presented her PhD project in numbers of international conferences, such as European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Global Marketing Conference (GMC), Irish Academy Management (IAM). Her conference paper also won EMAC Best Paper Award Based on Doctoral Work Bursaries in 2017.

Szu-Hsin has successfully completely research trainings on both qualitative and quantitative research methods. She is currently conducting a netnography study on more than a thousand TripAdvisor customer reviews of luxury hotels. Thematic analysis is used to analyse textual information in Nvivo 11.

Currently, she is also lecturing Marketing for High-technology Products and Innovation and tutoring SPSS and Qualtrics.

Fields of interests / User/customer Experience, Value co-creation, Service Design,
Proposition of common research in GETM3 Student experience, Education service innovation, Knowledge co-creation

Important Publication

Wu, S.-H. & Gao, Y. (2018). Co-creating valuable customer experience: Customer participation in service design. The first Global Conference on Creating Value. Leicester, UK, 23-24 May.

Wu, S.-H., Gao, Y. & Ma, Q. (2017). A new conceptual framework for value co-creation: The implementation of service design for hotel customer experience. European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC),Groningen, Netherlands, 23rd – 26th May.  *This paper won EMAC Best Paper Award Based on Doctoral Work Bursaries.

Wu, S.-H. (2016). Unfolding the black box of value co-creation through service design for emotional customer experience. DCU Business School Doctoral Colloquium, Dublin, Ireland, 25th November.

Wu, S.-H.& Gao, Y. (2016). Designing emotional customer experience for value co-creation: From a service-dominant logic perspective. European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Oslo, Norway, 24th – 27th May.

Wu, S.-H.& Gao, Y. (2016). Value co-creation in a continuum of co-production to service innovation: A study of the hotel industry. 2016 International Conference on Service Science and Innovation (ICSSI), Taipei, Taiwan, 22nd – 24th June.

Wu, S.-H. & Gao, Y.(2016). A conceptual framework for integrating co-creation mechanisms in value creation spheres. 2016 Global Marketing Conference (GMC), Hong Kong, China, 21st – 24th July.

Wu, S.-H. & Gao, Y. (2016). A conceptual framework for understanding the mechanisms of value co-creation: Examples from the hotel industry.  Annual Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 31st August – 2nd September.