Vignesh Yoganathan

Researcher and Specialist

Degree/info: PhD
University Northumbria
Faculty and department Business & Law
About Dr Vignesh Yoganathan is Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for MSc Digital Marketing at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University. He has worked with various commercial and non-profit organisations to improve customer insights and branding, especially using digital marketing. His research interests include the digital environment’s impact on brand strategy and ethical product-marketing, as well as digital marketing in and out of the workplace.
Fields of interests /

Brand, Digital, and Responsible Strategies.

Current research:

  • Millennial employees’ social media competence and online social capital.
  • Company ethical certifications and eWoM in talents’ job pursuit intentions.
  • Multisensory marketing online for ethical brands.
  • Corporate reputation management via user generated content and official media year after a crisis.
Proposition of common research in GETM3
  • The interplay between millennial’s digital media behaviour/affinity and their work-roles.
  • Digital media and the workplace – opportunities as well as challenges.

Important Publication

Yoganathan, V., McLeay, F., Osburg, V.-S., & Hart, D. (2007). The core value compass: Visually evaluating the goodness of brands that do good. Journal of Brand Management.

McLeay, F., Roberts, J., & Yoganathan, V. (2012). Transferring social marketing knowledge through third sector CoPs. The Marketing Review, 12(4), 381-401.